Blockchain Vision

ByteDex Exchange offers you :

Bytedex Liquidity Solution

Never Miss Opportunties with 300+ Trading Pairs!

ByteDex Dapps

Develop Applications on the ByteDex Blockchain!

ByteDex Token Launcher

Create Tokens on the ByteDex Exchange. Develop your own project!

ByteDex Coin

ByteDex Coin Holders Benenfit from Special Commision Rates and Share the revenue of the ByteDex Exchange by staking.

OTC Platform

Meet Secure Crypto Trading with ByteDex! Trading Freedom between Buyer and Seller with ByteDex Assurance!

ByteDex Brokers

If You Are a Good Trader, trade with your Costumer Limits From Our Specials Panel. Keep You and Your Costumer Safe!

ByteDex Wallet (ByteW)

With ByteDex’s Decentralized Wallet. Your Crypto Asset Are Always safe! Open a windows to Blockchain with ByteW

Payments and Fiat Money

Trade Crypto Assets from All Over the World with Both your Credit Cards and Debit Cards on the ByteDex Exchange!

Number of Trading Pairs

ByteDex Exchange will be the Exchange with the Highest Number of Trading Pairs. 120+ at Opening and 300+ Pairs in First Year will be put into the process. Also so on in very near future!


This timeline details our funding and development goals.

August 2020

Preparation of Exchange Architecture

October 2020

ByteDex Protoype Design

February 2021

ByteDex Software Infrastructure

April 2021

Website Launch & ByteDex Token Pre-Sale

June 2021


15th July 2021

Launch of Byte Wallet ByteW

June 2021


August 2021

ByteDex Staking, Token Launcher, OTC Platform ByteDex Rewards

September 2021

Launch Of ByteDex Brokers

January 2022


June 2022

ByteDex NFT Platform

August 2022

At least 150 K Users

January 2023

ByteDex Community At Least 6 Different Countries

Token Distributor

Tokens will be distributed to yout ByteDex User Account immediatly. User can Withdraw to Tron Based Wallets as well.

Reward & Bounty

SoftCap Allocation

In Case Softcap can not be achieved ByteDex Technologies OÜ will cover rest.

Software Development
Marketing Promotion
Reward & Bounty

Team tokens are locked for the first 6 Month and will be bested over a period of 12 months total. Tokens reservec to advisiors will be locked for 6 months minimum.

ByteDex Structure

1 ByteDex :
0.03 USDT
Terms of Sale
Citizen of China , North Korea, Libya, can not participate in the ICO, US citizens must be accredited Investor According to Sec Rules.
ByteDex Total Supply :
Emission Structure:
Tokens not sold at presale total 253,502,691 BYTEDEX Tokens have been already burned.
Safe Ways to Buy BYTEDEX
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), Binance (BNB), Litecoin (LTC) and Flat Payments ( USD, Euro, TRY) will be accepted.
General Explanations:
BYTEDEX Token is the official trading unit of the Bytedex Exchange. BYTEDEX Token has been produced in coopertation with Tron Network, in total 1 billion units in TRC- 10 format. Bytedex owners can share the revenues of the Bytex Exchange by staked their Tokens on the Bytedex Exchange of benefit from large discounts on trading commission fees. ByteDex can be traded for other Crypto Asset of Fiat currencies.

ByteDex controlled wallets:

Tron :
TWJadPjCicTXyK19LayM1ir2FeKVjx7jBT (Treasury)
...... :
TRQm9HCG6dEAbb4CMEfvV2324vMN4c5gdr (Swap Wallet)
Ethereum :
0x600a1f64c1a449cc75207a3cfd20f41f27f09189 (Treasury)
...... :
0x810c3055f339ba8fec11b16ae5a1c53357a9ce9a (Swap Wallet)
0x600a1f64c1a449cc75207a3cfd20f41f27f09189 (Treasury)
...... :
0x810c3055f339ba8fec11b16ae5a1c53357a9ce9a (Swap Wallet)

Contract Addresses

TRC20 BEXT Contract
ERC20 BEXT Contract
BEP20 BEXT Contract

ByteDex Communities

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ByteDex Team

Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen.

İsmail Köseoğlu

Founder & CEO

Mehmet Köseoglu

Founder & CFO

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Download White Paper