A number of negative news that occurred consecutively in May caused serious volume drops in crypto currency exchanges. 

Elon Musk’s statement that he would not sell Tesla Car for Bitcoin, claiming that clean energy was not used in Bitcoin mining and the decisions taken by the China about cryptocurrencies caused the depreciation of bitcoin and then other coins in crypto exchanges.

While the Crypto currency exchanges lost volume, cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC, lost nearly 50% of their value.However, in June, some news fell on social media, these news can give the crypto money world a returning signal.

Elsalvador’s recognition of bitcoin as a legal currency, the Central American Bank’s support for this decision, and the positive statements of some Mexican government officials about bitcoin, strengthen this opinion.

When we turn to decision of Alsalvador: Alsalvador governments have long expressed their dissatisfaction with the high commission fees that American banks receive from the money sent to the country by their citizens living in the United States.But this apparent discomfort should not make us forget the anti-dollarization that exists in all of Central and South America and even the world.Of course, anti-dollarization is actually a rebellion against the central economic structure.

What will the coming days show us?  We are following!

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