Bitcoin is crypto money, which entered our lives in 2009 and is actually a product of the Blockchain
system. It is no coincidence that the emergence of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin came after the global
economic crisis of 2008.
A group using the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto first wrote technical articles about how bitcoin should
be. This was followed by the emergence of bitcoin as the first crypto-currency in 2009.
The critical point that started this whole process is the aim of decentralized information and
document exchange without the intervention of third parties. Cryptocurrency transfer has also been
added to this, along with Bitcoin. In a sense, bitcoin is the financial realization of decentralized
transactions without intermediaries.
The emergence of bitcoin has led to the emergence of markets where this product can be sold. In the
meantime, many crypto assets that follow Bitcoin and enter circulation as crypto money have taken
their places in the markets.
As a simple rule, if there is a product and this product is in demand, there will definitely be a market
where this product will be marketed, and similar products will definitely take their place in the
However, these crypto markets emerged as an imitation of the stock exchanges before them. As
such, Bitcoin and other coins, which envisaged decentralized exchange and emerged to eliminate
third-party parties, started to be bought and sold in central systems.
This played into the hands of hackers who took advantage of the weaknesses of centralized
structures. As a result, a phenomenon called ‘’the history of central crypto exchanges’’ has emerged.
Byte Exchange has set out as a decentralized exchange according to the philosophy of Blockchain to
end this mistake. In addition, it also embodies the ease of use and multi-functionality of centralized
Byte Exchange is a hybrid exchange with these features.
Byte exchange will be opened on July 31.
In Byte Exchange, users’ crypto-assets are not stored on the exchange’s servers. Therefore, there is
no such thing as hacking. Because there are no crypto-assets to be hacked on the servers. So Byte
Exchange is a hack-proof exchange.
In Byte Exchange, users trade with their non-custodial wallets, ByteW. Users’ crypto assets are in
their non-custodial wallets. In addition, users have the opportunity to transact on three different
blockchain networks at the same time with ByteW wallets.

Again, in Byte Exchange, users have the opportunity to stake by holding the Bytedex token, which is
the Byte Exchange’s token, in their wallets. They can earn up to 50% of Byte Exchange revenues,
depending on the amount and time of the bytedex token they stake.
Byte Exchange gives priority to community structure rather than centralized structures. It has started
to work to create local communities all over the world.
With these features, Byte Exchange is a hybrid exchange that was established following the
philosophy of Blockchain and continues to work in this way.
Bytedex Tokens are currently in the ICO process and are valued at $0.03. You can get Bytedex tokens
from their website. ( )
Whether you have received Bytedex tokens or not, whether you participate in the airdrop rewards or
not, we welcome you all to the opening of our exchange.
Byte Exchange makes the difference.
Let’s all enjoy this experience together.

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