ByteDex Reward Campaigns

1- AirDrop Awards

The awards within the scope of AirDrop and the scope of the prize will be announced separately at the AirDrop Launch. AirDrop will last until July 25th, 2021 and will be limited to the first 100,000 people.

2- Social Media Content Production Competition

The shares of our participants who participate in the ByteDex community on social media will be rewarded. Within This Framework

1- $ 1000 worth of BYTEDEX Token for 1 person who shares the most unique social media (Valid Channels; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Discord, TikTok)

2- Among the 10 candidates to be determined by ByteDex management, as a result of the voting by the ByteDex Community, a BYTEDEX Token worth $ 1000 for 1 person who made the most liked social media share.

3- 5 Day Double Dubai Vacation for 3 people with the Highest Reference

4- BYTEDEX Token worth $ 1000 for 1 person from ByteDex participants that produces the most visual media (images, graphics, memes, video, animation, audio, and others) for BYTEDEX Token and ByteDex Exchange. All applicants will be awarded at different rates according to the visual and effective quality of the media produced by the ByteDex team. These rewards will total $25,000 worth of BYTEDEX Tokens.

3- Networking Awards

Are you a successful Networker? Introduce your community to ByteDex and take advantage of our exclusive rewards and reference programs. Send an e-mail to address to apply. We are waiting for you.

4- Influencer Awards

If you have 5000 or more organic followers on Social Media, you can apply for Influencer awards. You will receive a reward for every original share you make regarding the ByteDex Exchange and/or BYTEDEX Token.   The awards you will receive will be determined according to the quality of the content created by the ByteDex Team, interaction rates, follower quality and interaction conversion rate. To apply for Influencer rewards, you can email

  • Who Cannot Participate in Award Programs?
    Those under the age of 18 can participate in the Award Program with the permission of their parents. The ByteDex team and their 1st degree relatives cannot participate in the Award Program.


  • How will the awards be awarded?
    Rewards will be sent to crypto wallets that can receive TRON TRC-10 Tokens from participants who open accounts on the website. KYC verification may be requested before rewards are submitted.
  • Issues to take into consideration;
    Do not try to collect references by using any bot. Don’t try to increase the number of likes with bot followers. Do not apply for an award with an original and visual media that do not belong to you In the content you produce, use nicknames or signs that we can clearly identify as belonging to you. The first criterion in the competition will be the number of original posts and secondly, the number of interactions. Do not share spam. Pay attention to the quality of the content to be created. One of the purposes of these competitions is to get to know our qualified participants who can be part of the ByteDex Social Media team.


  • Who Can I Ask My Questions to?
    Forward your questions in writing to address.

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