Cryptocurrency exchanges today’s reality are, trading cryptocurrencies brings people together from young to old, poor to rich, male to female and regardless of country and cultural borders, like Olympic sports and this trade is perhaps turning into the most common trade on a global scale, despite the criticism against it!

No institution, neither central banks, fund institutions nor any other central structure burying its head in the sand can ignore this fact, and never won’t any central structure be able to ignore it.

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Because this fact finds the basis in a very big claim. This claim is not a claim about cryptocurrencies. This claim is a claim of Blockchain technology, which brings the reality of crypto money to our agenda.

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The Blockchain set forth a database system that cannot be captured by anyone or is very difficult to capture, and even impossible when viewed from the perspective of cost, with the system that irreversibly and immutable stores the transactions of people or communities, companies, and connects all of them in a chain.

It is a really keen claim, perhaps the keenest claim in the history of humanity about data protection.

The Blockchain offers people a much faster, much cheaper, and direct transfer of information and documents! Without any intermediary, without any central structure! And it is no longer just a claim now, it is the fact of the day!

It is experienced every day in people’s lives. For now, it’s pulling to itself mankind in like an unstoppable force!

If people can transfer information safely and cheaply, can’t they be freed from the chains of the outdated banking mentality and transfer the money to one another without intermediaries?

It is that, the philosophy that lies behind cryptocurrencies. The ability of people to transfer money to each other without being connected to a center and to invest in these cryptocurrencies…

While it was the case, or when the system should have worked like that, a new wall was built in front of people!

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges!

These structures, which are antipodes to the Blockchain philosophy, actually a counterrevolituon to the Blockchain technology revolution, imprison people’s crypto assets on their own servers! These custodial wallets are appealing to people, but mostly it causes the investors to lose out!

It seems that the biggest mistake here is again with crypto-money investors because they do not know what the crypto money they hold means, or they are attracted to centralized exchanges.

Crypto-currency means a decentralized structure. Crypto-currency means trading freely. But most importantly, crypto money means a universe of people who are conscious of taking the security measures of their own assets by being responsible for them.

This responsibility will inevitably push crypto-currency traders to use non-custodial wallets. The problem is not related to having problems with the custodial wallets of centralized exchanges before. The point is to use Blockchain technology correctly and appropriately.

A non-custodial wallet owner is a responsible individual who has decided to exclude third parties when trading crypto-currencies. A sensible trader would not hand over the key to the safe to anyone, in fact, such an offer cannot even be made to a wise trader.

The newly established Byte Hybrid Exchange ( ) gives such an opportunity to its users.

They created ByteW ( ) as a non-custodial wallet that disables third Parties in cryptocurrency trading for its users.

That’s not all!

They are after making ByteW wallet a leading brand in its field with many features.

With ByteW, users will be able to transact on three separate Blockchain networks at the same time. ByteW non-custodial wallet allows simultaneous transactions on Ethereum, Smartchain and Tron networks, it’s a revolution indeed!

It seems Cryptocurrency traders will like ByteW much. They will both secure their own crypto assets and take advantage of all the possibilities of a hybrid exchange.

Adapting to change is not a choice but a necessity.

ByteW brings technological change to its users.

Who knows, maybe ByteW will be the first flare of a new era.

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