ByteW Android Edition For Test

Byte Wallet Android test version can be download below. Please click to this link to download or Please scan the QR code. DISCLAMER: This version of the Byte Wallet should be used as test purposes. Original app will be available on Google Play and Apple Appstore soon. You can send and receive BYTEDEX Tokens. You can create wallet and you…

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ByteW non-custodial Wallet

Cryptocurrency exchanges today’s reality are, trading cryptocurrencies brings people together from young to old, poor to rich, male to female and regardless of country and cultural borders, like Olympic sports and this trade is perhaps turning into the most common trade on a global scale, despite the criticism against it! No institution, neither central banks, fund institutions nor any other…

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‘’Hybrid CryptoCurrency Exchanges’’

When we rewind the movie, we can take the launch of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency as a starting point. “At the beginning, there was Bitcoin”. (https://money.usnews.com/investing/articles/the-history-of-bitcoin  ) However, there was a database system on the basis of the emergence of Bitcoin, which neither bitcoin nor other cryptocurrencies can be understood without understanding this system. Blockchain is the system that reveals…

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Byte Exchange

Bitcoin is crypto money, which entered our lives in 2009 and is actually a product of the Blockchainsystem. It is no coincidence that the emergence of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin came after the globaleconomic crisis of 2008.A group using the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto first wrote technical articles about how bitcoin shouldbe. This was followed by the emergence of bitcoin…

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Investing in a coin or Investing in an Exchange?

It is disappointing that the Bitcoin price which has been giving bullish signals months later to traders who have lost since April these days is falling again. Traders who constantly look at the Bitcoin graphics in front of the screen fall into new dreams with each rise and lose all hope with each fall. The case is not different when…

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Our security, our private Wallet, Byte W!

The Cryptocurrency world has more volatility than we must know.Before beginning Cryptocurrency trading we have to accept that fixed rule. If so we can talk about the second golden rule; Never buy high and sell low. If you never mind these two rules you can lose the assets you have, easily. But all these rules and other rules we did…

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