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Don't Miss the Opportunities!

Don't Miss the Opportunities!

Easy Crypto Trading!

The Bytedex ecosystem opens the doors of the crypto world to you in a wide range of areas from Crypto exchange to decentralized wallet, Crypto social platforms to blockchain systems! Join Us Now!

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Meet the New Leader of Crypto Trading!

Byte Exchange consists of 3 main structures. Our Central Exchange, Crosschain swap decentralized exchange and Byte Hybrid Exchange offer the most secure crypto trading opportunities in the fastest way in a semi-decentralized way. Our Hybrid Exchange will meet you together with ByteChain! The countdown continues!

Byte Wallet


5 star decentralized crypto wallet! Coming Soon!

Byte Wallet Soon!

Byte Wallet is a crypto wallet with many advanced features where you can safely store your crypto assets without entrusting them to centralized exchanges.

Store 5000+ Crypto

Byte Wallet can receive, send and store more than 5000 different crypto tokens and coins.

Gateway to Web3

Connect to Web3 platforms with advanced connectivity options and run your transactions decentralized!

Discover the NFT World!

Access NFT platforms with one click! Buy and sell NFTs! Don't miss any opportunity! Always stay up to date with detailed information fields!

Byte Exchange Connection

Byte Wallet works in conjunction with Byte Exchange and makes it possible to easily transfer funds from your decentralized wallets!

Synthetic & Index Tokens New Approachto Cryptocurrencies

Synthetic Token: Synthetic tokens are singular crypto assets linked to the price average of multiple cryptocurrencies. For example, the BCEX Token (Byte Centralized Exchange Tokens) on Byte Exchange is a token created by combining 10 different exchange tokens in equal amounts. The price of this token depends on the price average of the tokens of the 10 exchanges that created the token. This way, users can invest just $1 in 10 different tokens at once. Since the price of this token depends on the average price of its constituent tokens, it does not fall with buying or selling.

Index Token: An index token is a crypto asset whose price is indexed to the price of another asset. In the future, tokens indexed to the prices of different types of assets such as stocks, precious metals and commodities in the global market will be available on Byte Exchange. These index tokens will be combined to create new synthetic tokens. For example, a Wheat price-indexed token could be combined with a Sugar price-indexed token to create a new synthetic token.

Expect More from Bytedex Ecosystem!

As an ecosystem, Bytedex has many integrated service networks. To maximize the holistic crypto experience, Bytedex is introducing many innovations in the crypto space.


Byte DeFi

Bytedex Ecosystem's Token BEXT!

With a limited supply of approximately 312M, BEXT Token has an entire ecosystem behind it!

BEXT Token, the main crypto asset that embodies the entire Bytedex ecosystem, offers many benefits across the entire Bytedex ecosystem!

Meet the CEO

İsmail Köseoğlu graduated from Karşıyaka Anatolian High School in 1999 and graduated from Konya Selçuk University Department of City and Regional Planning. 9 Eylul University Department of Urbanism continues her education within the scope of the Master’s Program.

He has been the General Coordinator of 3 EU projects within the scope of European Union programs and has 20 years of private sector experience. Since 2011, he has been managing Software development activities in the field of Geographic Information Systems, Blockchain Systems and Crypto.

He speaks English fluently, is married and has 1 child.

Ismail Köseoğlu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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