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BEXT Token gives you the power of the entire Bytedex ecosystem! BEXT, the first and only utility token of Byte Exchange, is everywhere in Bytedex, from Bytepad pre-sales, daily rewarding staking platform, Byte Wallet listings, ByteChain transactions!


Understanding the BEXT Token

The Bext token provides critical functions as the main component of the Bytedex ecosystem. Some of its main functions can be found below.

Discounts & Incentives

The Bext Token provides commission discounts of up to 75% on the Byte Exchange, as well as discounts and direct participation in Bytepad pre-sales for BEXT holders.

Stake Awards

With the BEXT Stake mechanism, BEXT Token stakers earn daily BEXT rewards. BEXT Token has distributed 4M BEXT tokens worth $100,000 before the 1 Year mark. These tokens are bought on the market and distributed with funds from Byte Exchange revenues.

Community Forum Privileges

Bytedex Community Forum Reward token $JIM Token is subject to 10% tax. With each transaction, 3% of $JIM Token is distributed monthly to BEXT Stakers. In addition, BEXT Staking users are “Verified” on the forum and receive privileges such as accelerated rewards, post promotion, etc.

ByteChain Pos Stake

ByteChain will be activated as the main blockchain of the Bytedex ecosystem and will be rebranded as BEXT Coin. In this context, ByteChain transactions will be carried out with BEXT and BEXT coins will be earned by kitting BEXT with the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

OTC & DeFi

The Bext token makes the USD/USDT pair available for OTC trading, which is currently inaccessible to Turkish users. This allows users to earn income from the TRY-based price difference between USD and USDT. They can also generate passive income with Stable Coins as part of Byte DeFi. The transaction limit is the total value of BEXT token USDT held by the user.

Bytedex VIPs

Holders of 250,000 or more BEXT tokens get Bytedex VIP status. They receive a 70% commission discount directly on Byte Exchange, access to Bytepad VIP sales, exclusive Bytedex VIP NFTs and occasional Bytedex surprise gift packages. Bytedex VIP users have priority and privileges on every Bytedex platform.

BEXT Token Offering: 311,951,756 BEXT max

Numbers Tell Better than Words!

BEXT token is the main trading unit of the Bytedex ecosystem, rewarding the Bytedex community through the Stake platform.

Stake Reward distribution worth $100,000 over 1 year! 6791362 $BEXT


Where will $BEXT be used in the future?

01. ByteChain & DeFi

BEXT will soon join the Bytedex ecosystem as the main transaction unit of the ByteChain blockchain system, and will be used in all blockchain transactions. Similarly, it will be consumed as the main transaction unit in all decentralized finance applications created on ByteChain

02. ByteCard & Payments

In the future, BEXT Token will be able to be used as a payment method in physical or online stores where VISA and Mastercard are accepted, to the extent permitted by local laws. In addition, with ByteCard, BEXT token can be used as a credit collateral.

03. Bytedex Extra

BEXT Token will be used as a spending currency in various applications within the Bytedex ecosystem. BEXT can be used for transaction fees, discounts, and rewards in trading applications such as Byte Traders and Byte Bots. It can also be used for course fees and exam fees in the Bytedex Masters Education app. These applications aim to expand the usage areas of BEXT within the Bytedex ecosystem, increasing the value of the token.

04. Listings & Trade

BEXT Token will start listing on global exchanges starting from Q3 or Q4 of 2023 and aim to reach more holders. Additionally, it will be eligible for futures trading.


BEXT Token will be used for comprehensive reward programs, advertising campaigns, and competitions in the future to promote the Bytedex ecosystem.

Adding BEXT Token to Wallet

Use the information on the side to add the BEXT Token to decentralized wallets.

To add the Bext token to your decentralized wallets, you can add the BEXT token to the wallets by entering the data on the side in the “Add Token” section in many decentralized wallets. If you don’t want to deal with this, Byte Wallet is waiting for you!

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Want to earn $BEXT?

Bytedex organizes many campaigns, award programs and competitions. If you would like to earn BEXT by harnessing the power of the Bytedex ecosystem, please follow us on our social media accounts and join our communities on Bytedex Community Forum, Telegram or Discord!

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