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Discover the world of Web3 with Byte Wallet! Store thousands of Tokens and Coins decentralized! Easily access the NFT world and Web3 sites! Make Byte Wallet OneKey cold wallet connections!

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Step into the NFT world with Byte Wallet! Follow not only crypto tokens and coins, but also the world of NFT & Web3! Follow NFT collections on all platforms! See trading prices and trade instantly! Track your losses and gains with the PNL feature!

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Everything you expect from a crypto wallet!

Byte Wallet offers everything you expect from a crypto wallet in a secure and easy-to-use way! Whether you want to store thousands of tokens, make cold wallet connections, explore the world of NFT, or trade securely on Web3 platforms!

Follow the NFT World!

Earn income by staking!

Follow the crypto world!

Track thousands of tokens and coins! Get the latest price information!

Trade instantly with Crosschain Swap, even on different blockchains!

Additional Features

NFT Buy Sell!

Byte Wallet makes it easy to trade NFTs on dozens of NFT markets!

Don’t miss out on the best NFT Trading deals!

Always Safe with OneKey Lite!

Save your wallet private keys with your Byte Wallet OneKey Lite card! Restore your wallet with one click!

Crosschain Swap

Buy or sell crypto assets in your wallet with the best offers with Byte Wallet! Moreover, execute your transactions on dozens of different blockchains with a single click!

Avoid Scam projects with Verified!

Byte Wallet verified token/coin feature shows you which of the thousands of tokens/coins are real and verified crypto assets. With the Verified icon, it helps you to exist securely in the crypto world!

Meet Byte Wallet OneKey Series!

Meet the special cold wallets for Byte Wallet! OneKey series cold wallets are the easiest way to keep your crypto safe! Moreover, with special discounts for BEXT holders!


BEXT Holders Discount

OneKey Lite


Byte Wallet Onekey Lite offers the easiest way to store your wallet private key with NFC.

1- Scan your card!

2- Set a PIN number!

3- Complete the backup!

It's as simple as that!

OneKey Touch


The world's first cold wallet with multi-touch technology!

Managing your crypto wallet has never been easier!

Make all your operations easy with the touch screen!

OneKey Classic


With a thickness of 3mm and a weight of only 20 grams, it's easy to carry with you! Use it on any of your Phones, Tablets and Computers with Bluetooth connectivity !

OneKey Mini


Secure all your blockchain wallets with superior chip technology!

Make unlimited and easy transactions on all your wallets with Byte Wallet integration!

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