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Bytepad is a new generation sales platform for crypto projects. It aims to bring you the best projects in the earliest period.


Easy way to Reach Early Stage Projects

As Bytepad, we exist to offer early-stage investment opportunities to participants before many projects hit the market. Many projects go through many investment processes before they hit the market. During these processes, those who access the project tokens at the most affordable price are the first ones to buy.

VIP Sales! Buy Future Today!

For Bytedex VIP users, Bytepad offers core period investment opportunities of very special projects. Meet the stars of the future today with the world’s biggest investors!

Great Features for Pre-sales!

Bytepad can create separate pre-sale terms for each project,Byte Exchange is built on a security architecture. It includes many facilities both for pre-sale projects and for those participating in the pre-sale.

Unique discounts on every pre-sale with BEXT Token!

BEXT token, as the main trading unit of the Bytedex ecosystem, also provides serious advantages in pre-sales on Bytepad.

BEXT holders and BEXT stakers receive varying discounts on each pre-sale. They are entitled to priority purchase in many pre-sales. For more information, please see the BEXT Token page.

Earn Bytepad credits with your references!

Get exclusive discounts for your referrals with BEXT Stake. And get a referral reward for your referrals’ participation! Get many privileges with BEXT Token, the key to the Bytedex ecosystem

Get priority in Byte Exchange airdrops!

Participate in Bytepad pre-sales and benefit from special airdrops of pre-sale projects for Bytepad sales! Get priority access to the projects’ events and win prizes!

Add value to your project with Bytepad!

Bytepad is a prestigious pre-selling platform powered by Byte Exchange. Bytepad, where only selected projects can take place, offers a sales experience where pre-sale projects can safely meet with their communities. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, every user can participate in sales with a few clicks! Promote your project in the best way with detailed project pages!

Are you an Influencer? Join Projects!

Bytepad offers special opportunities for opinion developers in the crypto world through Bytedex Influencer Club!

For your community.

Bytepad offers special discounts and campaigns for influencer club members’ communities! Reward and grow your communities with Bytepad credits, influencer discounts and more!

For the club members.

In addition to many advantages, Influencer Club members have the opportunity to meet project teams, take an active role in the promotion of Bytepad projects and experience early advantages.

For the Bytepad.

Bytepad plays an important role in bringing early-stage projects to the crypto markets of many developing countries. We are waiting for you to be part of an international elite community.

We are stronger with our partners!

Let us incubate your project together with our partners. Let’s take your crypto project to the future together!

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