Rules of The Game Changing!

JIMMY is coming! $JIM Token will say “Hello” to the crypto world! Take your place in the world of crazy roosters with JIMMY World! Join the Metaverse experience on ERA Multiverse with your NFT IDs! Develop your NFT characters, fight, win with JIMMY Game World! Earn $JIM Token on the Bytedex Community Forum!



Token Offering


Transaction tax


Meme Market


Welcome to A Brand New World!

Explore the world of DeFi, Metaverse and NFT with JIMMY! Released by Bytedex, JIMMY Bytedex brings a lot of new features to the community forum and its own universe!

DeFi redefined with Jimmy Project

Together with Bytechain, JIMMY will say “Hello!” to the DeFi world! With JIM SWAP, JIM Farming, JIM DeFi, “Roosters” will manage the financial instruments of the decentralized world!

With the improved tokenomics structure, $BEXT and $JIM Holders earn continuously! $JIM token offers a sustainable structure in the crypto world with benefit features!


Create seamless Digital identities with Jimmy NFTs

Create your digital identity with unique JIMMY NFTs and use them everywhere!

  • Successfully fight the toughest battles with your NFT Rooster in the most exciting games on JIMMY Game World! Create new Roosters with other NFT owners!
  • Accompany your JIMMY rooster every step of the way from Egg to a Warrior! Earn $JIM Token! Trade on the Byte Exchange !
  • JIMMYon ERA Multiverse Make a difference with your avatars in the Metaverse world!
  • Get priority whitelist and airdrop benefitsin the Bytedex Community Forum!
  • Join the JIMMY administration on Bytepad voting pages ! Contribute freely!
  • Make the most of your $JIM Tokens with Swap, Farming and Staking on ByteChain with JIMMY DeFi!
  • JIMMY IP rights and real world brands or
    Create products! Generate revenue!
  • JIMMY earns 2% BEXT Stakers and 3% $JIM Token holders with taxes deducted on every transaction! Monthly distributions are made to Byte Exchange wallets!

And so much more.

Veritas in numeris!

Tax Distribution

JIM Token creates a deflationary structure with a 10% tax on each transaction.

Total Fund Allocation

Use of Funds

Deflationary Structure

JIM Token is a deflationary token and there is a 10% tax on each transaction. This taxation supports token burning processes while rewarding JIM and BEXT holders.

Beyond Meme Tokens

JIMMY is the first meme token created by a crypto exchange, but JIMMY goes beyond that with its features.

It brings together gamification, socialization and decentralized finance applications in an integrated way.

Stabilizing Tokenomics

The JIMMY Token economy envisions a controlled expansion. It has accordingly established lock and deployment times. However, the token supply release is timed to prevent flash crashes. It paves the way for token development while maintaining deflationary pressure with its taxation system.

Spread the Word!

Spread the Word!

  • 12 Nisan 2023

The JIM Token Airdrop is a promotional campaign where users can earn free $JIM Tokens by completing some easy activities. These activities include following Bytedex and JIMMY social media accounts, creating original social media posts for JIMMY, and producing articles or content. Through the referral program, users can earn additional JIMMY Tokens with their referrals.

Moreover, users who stake at least 5000 BEXT Tokens or have BEXT Tokens in their Byte Exchange wallets will benefit from the JIMMY Airdrop in proportion to the number of tokens they hold.

The total allocation for the airdrop is 2.5% of the total supply, and a 6-month lock-up and 18-month vesting will be applied for Airdrop and Seed Sale purchases. During the vesting period, tokens will be credited to Byte Exchange wallets at a monthly rate of 1/18 of the total tokens. The Airdrop Campaign will start simultaneously with the Pre-Sale programs and will last for 3 months, ending on July 12, 2023. However, if the allocated amount for the Airdrop runs out before this date, the Airdrop campaign will be considered complete at the time the funds run out. The campaign is organized on a first-come, first-served basis.

12 Nisan 2023
12 Nisan 2023
Join the Movement!

Join the Movement!

  • 12 Nisan 2023


$JIM Token will be offered for sale in three different stages.

Seed Sale: This sale is limited to 5% of the total $JIMMY Token supply and undergoes a 6-month lock-up period and an 18-month vesting period. The vesting period involves participants receiving 1/18th of their tokens each month. Airdrop participants, BEXT token holders, and accredited capital firms can participate in the Seed Sale.

$JIM Token Seed Sale Price: 0.000000005 USDT

Lock-up Period: 6 months

Vesting Period: 18 months (monthly distribution of 1/18th)

Platform: Bytepad

Start Date: 04/12/2022

Duration: 15 days

Private Sales: This sale is limited to Series A (10%), Series B (10%), and Series C (15%). Each sale has different sales conditions and participation rules. The participation rules will be announced on the Bytedex social media and website.

Private Sale A Price: 0.000000009 USDT

Lock-up Period: 4 months

Vesting Period: 12 months (monthly distribution of 1/12th)

Platform: Bytepad & Partner Platforms

Date: 07/05/2023

Duration: 15 days

Private Sale B Price: 0.000000012 USDT

Lock-up Period: 3 months

Vesting Period: 9 months (monthly distribution of 1/9th)

Platform: Bytepad & Partner Platforms

Date: 31/05/2023

Duration: 15 days

Private Sale C Price: 0.000000014 USDT

Lock-up Period: 3 months

Vesting Period: 6 months (monthly distribution of 1/6th)

Platform: Bytepad & Partner Platforms

Date: 21/05/2023

Duration: 15 days

Public Sale: This sale is open to the public and will be launched simultaneously on various pre-sale platforms. After the completion of this sale, JIM Token will be tradable on Byte Exchange and announced exchanges. 10% of the total supply will be offered for sale in this stage.

Public Sale Price: 0.000000015 USDT

Lock-up Period: None

Vesting Period: 6 months (monthly distribution of 1/6th)

Platform: Bytepad & Partner Platforms

Date: 06/16/2023

Duration: 30 days



  • Q4 2023

Bytedex Community Forum Launch, JIMMY Gameworld, and JIMMY NFTs First Introduction:

Bytedex community forum is designed as a crypto social media platform where users can earn $JIM tokens by performing some activities and other crypto project airdrops will also be distributed. The forum is open to all crypto users and projects. With the use of $JIM tokens, users can prioritize and highlight their announcement posts on the platform. This creates one of the essential use cases for JIM tokens.

JIMMY Gameworld is a game where users who own JIMMY roosters can participate in various tournaments, contests, and one-on-one fights with their roosters, and can win achievements based on the ability, skills, and knowledge of their roosters. Users can acquire improvements for their roosters by using JIM and can level them up. They can also earn JIM rewards from successful battles. In addition, they can loot their opponent's JIM stock in one-on-one fights.

JIMMY NFTs: JIMMY NFTs are GEN1 JIMMY roosters that will hatch from 1000 JIMMY NFT eggs after a certain period. GEN1 NFTs can be used nine times as the initiator of the JIMMY species for new rooster production. New rooster species can be produced with the genetics of two GEN1 JIMMY roosters in GEN2 type. GEN2 roosters can be used five times for new rooster production. GEN3 roosters can be produced with the genetics of GEN1 and GEN2 roosters. GEN3 roosters can be used three times for new rooster production. GEN4 roosters can be produced with the genetics of GEN2 and GEN3 roosters. GEN4 roosters can produce new roosters only once with the genetics of GEN3 roosters. Roosters can take their place in JIMMY Gameworld as adult JIMMY roosters after a certain period.

Q4 2023
Q2 2024
Rise of The Roosters!

Rise of The Roosters!

  • Q2 2024

Collaboration with ERA Multiverse to Launch JIMMY Metaverseworld

JIMMY Metaverseworld is a special metaverse club for JIMMY NFT holders created on the ERA Multiverse platform. Various entertainment activities and games can be designed in this metaverse atmosphere. JIMMY NFT holders can start commercial activities in the metaverse area using JIMMY IP and JIM tokens. The JIMMY World area on the ERA Multiverse platform will be purchased by Bytedex and allocated to JIMMY roosters. NFT holders can create their own worlds using ERA functions without paying any fees for the metaverse area. JIMMY GEN1, GEN2, GEN3, and GEN4 NFTs can be bought and sold with JIM tokens, Bext, or Era Coin in the ERA NFT marketplace.

Rooster Economy

Rooster Economy

  • Q2 2024

JIMMY DeFi opens up to the world of decentralized finance with $JIM Token!

Access decentralized dex transactions with JIMMY Swap. Provide liquidity with JIM Token and earn profits from liquidity fees. Don't let your JIM Tokens sit idle with JIMMY Stake and Farming! Let your roosters work for you in the decentralized world while you sleep! Use your JIM Tokens as collateral with JIMMY Lending. With its Multichain feature, easily execute your transactions on all networks via Bytechain. Access all your transactions easily with Byte Wallet!

Q2 2024
Q3 2024
Rooster Dominion!

Rooster Dominion!

  • Q3 2024


JIMMY DAO is a decentralized infrastructure that will provide self-governing dynamics for the JIMMY project. Through smart contracts on the Bytechain, JIMMY roosters will be able to make proposals, participate in voting, and have a say in decisions. The roosters' active participation in governance will allow JIMMY to remain community-based and further strengthen its decentralization.

Rooster's Charity!

Rooster's Charity!

  • Q4 2024

JIMMY Donation Platform makes roosters the center of solidarity!

Current crises, disasters, and challenges around the world make the world a more difficult place every day. JIMMY roosters take responsibility here and use a decentralized donation platform with JIM Token without any restrictions or security problems for charitable purposes. Participation in the aid campaigns created by JIMMY roosters through DAO can be achieved using JIM Token, BEXT Token, and stable coins. With the power provided by the JIMMY blockchain, they will provide assistance by eliminating the problem of trust anywhere in the world!

Q4 2024
Q1 2025
Leadership of the Roosters!

Leadership of the Roosters!

  • Q1 2025

JIMMY will take its place among the most influential tokens in the world!

Our ultimate goal for JIMMY is to be among the top 100 tokens in the world and reach at least 200,000 holders. JIMMY, which brings a different dimension to the meme token concept with its unique infrastructure and JIM Token usage, will reach crypto enthusiasts all around the world and become one of the most effective crypto assets. It will be available for trading on the world's leading crypto platforms and take the lead with its unique community. The era of roosters is beginning, take your place now!

SWOT Analysis

Unique and engaging NFT-based JIMMY Gameworld and MetaverseworldBeing a new project and not yet recognized in the market
Strong community engagement and supportCommitment to the highly volatile crypto world
Wide range of uses and services for JIM TokenPotential regulatory limits and risks
High win rates for early stage participantsHigh competition in NFT and gaming
Creation by an experienced, reliable team and Bytedex corporate supportThe fact that adequate promotion and advertising activities have not yet started
Decentralization and a structure that focuses the communityPotential technical constraints and limitations
Creating large areas for partnerships and collaborationsThe crypto world is yet to provide transparent metrics for partner selection
Increasing use and adaptation of crypto and NFT around the world Potential market crashes and reversals
Growing interest in decentralized finance applications and web3 platformsNew players emerging in the gaming and NFT industry
Potential for expansion into new markets and partnershipsIncreasing regulatory and policy changes for crypto assets
Access to different platforms with MultichainSupply and demand imbalances

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