(Executive Summary)

Bytedex is a blockchain based Exchange that users connect with non-custodial crypto wallets. As a hybrid exchange it takes some features from centralized exchanges to give more better services for its users. So Bytedex is a decentralized exchange that has some features of centralized exchanges that makes it a Hibrid Exchange. So we can call Bytedex as a HEX Exchange.

ByteDex do not store your funds. Users connect to exchange with non-custodial wallet and trade in a secure environment. In Bytedex Exchange we are using a different architecture that gives ability us to work Ethereum, Binance Smartchain and Tron Networks at the same time.
ByteDex has a Dex wallet named ByteW! ByteW is a multisign wallet like trust wallet that users can connect to our exchange and operate on there 3 blockchain networks at the same time via advanced smart contract operations.
Also in Bytedex Exchange, “ByteDex Brokers” is another feature that professional traders would like it very much where they give professional trade services to their customers using customer funds in a determined limit that decided by fund owners.

We give opportunity to BYTEDEX Token holders to get an income over staking their tokens on ByteDex exchange up to %50 APY according to their staking amount and time. ByteDex has an innovative thinking mind, at the end of this year, all features will be completed as written in white paper.
Byte Exchange will be opened at 31st of July.

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