It is disappointing that the Bitcoin price which has been giving bullish signals months later to traders who have lost since April these days is falling again.

Traders who constantly look at the Bitcoin graphics in front of the screen fall into new dreams with each rise and lose all hope with each fall.

The case is not different when it comes to the alt-coins non-professional traders.
The matter is about what they invest, it’s not about which coin they invest!

The cryptocurrency world has much volatility we know and has many risks maybe than fishing.

To minimize it at first we have to decide what we want to invest in or what is more profitable and less risky for us.

For instance, you may invest a coin and can wait for it to be raised its price than you bought.

If you made enough analysis about the coin you invested, If you searched its project and it has a really valuable plan it will happy to you.
But there is another way to gain much and less jeoparding your Assets.

“A coin can not make an Exchange but an Exchange makes many coins.”

We should research and examine the Exchanges as much as we research and examine the coins.

Because benefiting from the revenues of Crypto exchanges, especially Decentralized Exchanges such as ByteDex and exchange coins /Tokens are much more stable.

Isn’t it much profitable to wait for income from an Exchange’s revenues than a coin’s rising?

We can see the Decentralized Exchanges like Bytedex as a safe port in a bearish market and as a more profitable platform in a bullish market.

Because it’s more important what you invest than which coin you invest.
Wish you put your Assets in a coin or an Exchange?

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