The Cryptocurrency world has more volatility than we must know.
Before beginning Cryptocurrency trading we have to accept that fixed rule.

If so we can talk about the second golden rule; Never buy high and sell low. If you never mind these two rules you can lose the assets you have, easily.

But all these rules and other rules we did not mention, work only after when you enter trading transactions.
To protect the assets we have from losing, at first we need to choose the correct trading platform.
Which features we’ve to seek in an Exchange to protect our assets and to get growing them.
In any case, whether we have much or less, assets we have precious for us.
If we give them the value we need to protect them so the security must be the first place.

Whoever says whatever, the strongest case is the case that we have its keys in our hands.If we are not the sole authority in our assets who can guarantee not losing them! In that case, we need to consider again which rule comes first to make a profit in the Cryptocurrency World?

If we want to gain, first of all, we have to take responsibility and have to use a private wallet like Byte W.
We can’t trust anyone more than ourselves. Byte W is a non-custodial multisign wallet that user can directly connect Ethereum UniSwap, Binance SmartChain Pankacake Swap and Tron Network JustSwap DEXs at the same time. Byte W is a part of Byte Exchange users can connect to Byte Hybrid Exchange and trades with non-custodial wallets in a safe environment. Byte W is official wallet of Byte Exchange that users can use it like bridge in between swap exchanges and Byte Exchange. For more information visit Exchange page.
Then we can look at other golden rules of the trade!

Our security, our private Wallet, Byte W!

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