You do not need to choose using easies in turn of security.
The technology we use is improving and getting stronger every day.

Maybe five years ago, we still had the opportunity to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, but their numbers were few, their qualifications limited, their type was monotype.

Time passed and we reach more sophisticated Exchanges and their numbers increased astronomically too.

In the beginning, there were two options in front of us for cryptocurrency trading, centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

In those days we could choose for ease of using the centralized exchanges and by that way, we could trade easily.

But we faced with time, some problems with centralized Exchanges.

They were keeping our assets and ID’es in their servers and that case was giving some opportunities to the hackers.

Moreover that, in the centralized Exchanges, crypto-assets that we had were under the authority of Exchanges’ owners.

Whereas we would have not known who was the malicious and who was not!

As news of hacking of centralized exchanges spread, technology sought and found a new way; decentralized exchanges.

In decentralized Exchanges, your assets could not be hacked without you shared your wallet’s passwords.

However, we could not find the crypto assets we wanted in purely decentralized exchanges, and they did not have a useful user interface, moreover, we had to pay very high commission fees.

Time passed again and technology found a new way; Hybrid Exchanges.

Now there is a third way; Bytedex.
Bytedex was built on Blockchain to serve the most secure services for its users.

That’s not all, Bytedex took some useful features from centralized exchanges like sophisticated interface, customer services, etc. too.

In doing this way, ByteDex aimed to solve the security problems of centralized exchanges and the difficulties of use that some decentralized exchanges exposed.
Now we have a third way.

Bytedex ensures cutting out third parties from our trading process with its wallet ByteW.

It also offers us a user-friendly Exchange that is easy to use.

Now we have a third option; Bytedex

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