I loan for this article, some thoughts from the world’s one of the most renowned scholars John Mearsheimer.

Not long ago he has been in Australia to explain his thoughts about China and US relations and in this context, he evaluated some reflections of these relations on future relations of Australia – China.

Mearsheimer is known as one of the champions of realistic thinkers on international relations.

As expected he discussed the issue from realistic perspectives. “If China aims to become a global power, it will confront the US in the military arena whether it wants it or not, shortly he said.

Because If China wants to be global power that claims can not walk alone in the economic arena.

When I heard about Trump’s word on bitcoin I remember suddenly Prof. Mearsheimer’s words about China.

Maybe but most probably ex-president knows little about blockchain technology, and most probably ordinary an Asian teenager knows much about it than Trump.

On the other the hand, unwittingly Trump has told the reality and confessed the truth.

From a realistic perspective cryptocurrencies whether they want or not, will confront the arena with dolar and other Fiats!

Maybe Trump will not like that but ı have to say that the genie is out of the bottle!
And no one can get it back to the bottle.

Yes, there will be a fight and cryptocurrency will win.

Because every new technology one day will destroy the old one.

Did not pass too much time from Lidians’ Age?

Same like this, Centralized crypto exchanges whether they want or not will confront Decentralized Exchanges and new technology will defeat the old one, as always in history.

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