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ByteDex, integrates stability,speed and blockchain to an decentralized exchange with great user experince..
Check Out the Features of the ByteDex Exchange!
  • Fully Decentralized Blockchain-Based Exchange
  • Fastest and Most Robust Exchange Infrastructure
  • High Security and Privacy
  • The Most Advanced Trading Instruments

Presale Ends In:


Softcap in 74 days

What is BYTEDEX Token?

BYTEDEX Token is the official trading unit of the Bytedex Exchange. BYTEDEX Token has been produced in cooperation with Tron Network, intotal 1 billion units in TRC-10 format. Bytedex owners can share the revenues of the Bytex Exchange by staked their Tokens on the Bytedex Exchange or benefit from large discounts on trading commission fees. ByteDex can be traded for other Crypto Assets or Fiat currencies.

ByteDex Reward Program

We call out to the bests of the crypto world…
We Distribute $500,000 worth of ByteDex Tokens! Get Your Friends To Meet ByteDex, Both You And They will be Rewarded.
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Token Sales Calendar

Speacial Pre-Sale
12 April 2021 - 26 April 2021


Supply 100,000,000 BYTEDEX

At this stage, unsold Tokens will be burned.

01 May 2021 - 25 May 2021


Supply 200.000.000 BYTEDEX –

At this stage, unsold Tokens will be burned.

1 June 2021 - 15 July 2021


Supply 200,000,000 BYTEDEX

BYTEDEX Tokens with General Supply will be listed on the ByteDex Exchange. The Exchange List Sales Price will be 0.05 USDT .

ByteDex Structure

1 ByteDex: 0.02 USDT
Terms of Sale: It is expected that the amount of SoftCap will be collected within 95 days. Unsold Tokens Will Be Burned. If the SoftCap amount is not collected, ByteDex will complete the remaining amount for the realization of the project.
Token Structure ICO: ByteDEX Exchange will be activated. As a ByteTrade Blockchain partner, ByteDex will produce ByteDex Token on its own blockchain system and will be swapped with Tokens sold in Pre-Sale and General Supply.
After the swap transaction, ByteDex Tokens will be listed on major exchanges and opened for trading.
ByteDex Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Emission Structure: All ByteDex Tokens that are not sold and distributed in Pre-Sale and General Supply will be burned. At this stage, additional production will not be possible, and 30% of the total supply amount will be retained by the team until the Swap transaction on the ByteDex Exchange in order to prevent speculative movements on exchange.
The remaining Tokens with the swap transaction will also be destroyed.
Safe Ways to Buy BYTEDEX: Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX) AND Fiat Payments will be accepted.
Hardcap: $15,000,000
Community Distribution
ByteDex Team
Reward Program

Soft-cap Budget Distribution

  • 65% Product Development

    It will be used for the establishment and development of ByteDex Exchange according to the Road Map.

  • 12% Advertising, Promotion and Network Expenses

    It will be used for the promotion of the ByteDex Exchange to the Users, the establishment of collaborations, the creation of national advertising campaigns.

  • 8% Operating Expenses

    It will be used for non-technical personnel expenses, tax and operating expenses within the scope of ByteDex.

  • 2% Legal Consultancies

    It will be used for the creation of legal infrastructure, legal consultancy and other legal expenses within the scope of the operation of ByteDex.

  • 5% Reward Distribution Expenses

    It will be used for real person reference, airdrop, competition, bounty campaigns as part of the ByteDex Promotion.

  • 8% Management Expenses

    ByteDex is the amount to be spent under advisory and service expansion fees paid to C level managers.

Road Map

August 2020
Preparation of Dex Exchange Architecture
February 2021
Starting of Software Testing Processes
March 2021
Starting of ByteDex Exchange Mobil Application
October 2020
ByteDex Blockchain Infrastructure Selection
April 2021
Starting of Website Launch and ByteDex Token Pre-Sale
June 2021
ByteDex ICO
August 2021
ByteDex Swap Process
June 2022
ByteDex At Least 150 Thousand Users
July 2021
Opening of ByteDex Exchange
January 2022
ByteDex Blockchain Immigration

You will be able to create and offer to public your own Tokens on ByteDex.

ByteDex brings together many innovations with its blockchain structure. Tokens can be created and offer to public for appropriate projects on ByteDex. With the broker system, Crypto Trade Specialists can trade securely for their customers, while direct binary trades can be developed within the scope of OTC. Dowload White Paper.
Innovation awaits you, Meet ByteDex!
  • Trade Volume at Nasdaq Exchange Level
  • Trading In Seconds Average 1 Second Trading Speed
  • Direct connection and Liquidity with All Major Exchanges
  • Ultimate Security and Protection
  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps
  • Advanced Exchange Trading
  • Graphic Analysis Opportunity
  • Direct sales with The OTC platform
  • Partnership Opportunity to ByteDex Exchange with Bytedex Stake
  • High Level Protection for Your Assets with Decentralized Wallet
  • Maximum Privacy Processing
  • Transparent Operations with Block Explorer
  • Crypto Lending System

About Us

ByteDex is a Decentralized exchange developed by ByteDex Blockchain Technologies. It is licensed by the State of Estonia to produce and operate Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Exchanges and Crypto Wallets valid in all European Union countries. There are no regulations regarding Crypto Exchanges and Crypto Assets in Countries we are operating, and in case of legal regulations, our company will fulfill its responsibilities in accordance with the necessary legal regulations. ByteDex is also registered with the U.S. Department of Finance and Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

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