Are We Ready For Bitcoin As A Currency?

Whilst bitcoin has become widely adopted by many who were in the past skeptical or ignorant to its potential as a whole, some say the adoption of bitcoin as an actual, state recognized currency is going too far. The president of El Salvador, a country that continues to struggle with mass poverty, inequality and instability, announced at the Bitcoin 2021…

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(Executive Summary)

Bytedex is a blockchain based Exchange that users connect with non-custodial crypto wallets. As a hybrid exchange it takes some features from centralized exchanges to give more better services for its users. So Bytedex is a decentralized exchange that has some features of centralized exchanges that makes it a Hibrid Exchange. So we can call Bytedex as a HEX Exchange.…

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Third way; Bytedex Exchange.

You do not need to choose using easies in turn of security.The technology we use is improving and getting stronger every day. Maybe five years ago, we still had the opportunity to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, but their numbers were few, their qualifications limited, their type was monotype. Time passed and we reach more sophisticated Exchanges and their numbers increased…

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Who will win?

I loan for this article, some thoughts from the world’s one of the most renowned scholars John Mearsheimer. Not long ago he has been in Australia to explain his thoughts about China and US relations and in this context, he evaluated some reflections of these relations on future relations of Australia – China. Mearsheimer is known as one of the…

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Why Bytedex!?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are generally divided into two different categories:Centralised Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges. Centralized crypto exchanges have very useful interfaces for crypto currency traders.  Also central exchanges provide, or are assumed to be, a service to their users through their customer services.However, if we say that these features are available in every central exchange, this would not be true.  It…

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Bitcoin and Crypto currencies returning?

A number of negative news that occurred consecutively in May caused serious volume drops in crypto currency exchanges.  Elon Musk’s statement that he would not sell Tesla Car for Bitcoin, claiming that clean energy was not used in Bitcoin mining and the decisions taken by the China about cryptocurrencies caused the depreciation of bitcoin and then other coins in crypto…

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